Registration Projects

The following are examples of registration projects completed by Protech Consulting:

Agricultural chemicals

Agricultural chemicals used in broadacre farming, horticulture, home gardens, commercial/industrial areas and forestry have included fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, biological products, insect growth regulators, plant growth regulators, dairy detergents, pool chemicals, and household cleaners and moth repellents.

Veterinary chemicals

Veterinary chemicals used for treatment of livestock, companion animals including horses and pet care products have included anthelmintics, ectoparasiticides, veterinary ethicals, direct-fed microbials, nutritionals.

Permits and licenses

Applications for various trial and off-label use permits, Active Constituent approvals, AQIS permits. Advice on the APVMA's Veterinary Manufacturer's Licensing Scheme and GMP compliance. Developing quality management systems.